All things mountain and more!!!

Come on in and browse our Exhibition Zones – there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

The Killarney Mountain Festival is a celebration of the very best of mountain culture so keep your eyes peeled for information, offers, demonstrations and your opportunity to experience and engage.

Killarney Mountain Festival Exhibition Zones will play host to a number of photographic exhibitions by both the professional and the amateur photographers, and these will aim to showcase the many wide and varied aspects of Irish mountain culture from landscape to adventure, its people, its wildlife and its wilderness. Be sure to check out our talented array of exhibiting photographers, who will be displaying their amazing works in the exhibition zones in the ‘KILLARNEY PLAZA HOTEL’ and ‘KILLARNEY HOUSE”.

Also, the exhibition zone at the Killarney Plaza Hotel, O’ Donoghue suite, will play host our Everest exhibit!!

The Exhibition Zones are open on – Friday 8th, Saturday 9th, and Sunday 10th March 2019.

Opening daily between: 11am – 6pm

For more information, come and visit our team at Basecamp or the Killarney Plaza Hotel.

Our photographers and artists in residence for the 2019 festival:

Martin Mc Cormack has been hiking and Painting since he was a teenager. There has always been a wanderlust for the wild and remote places that has led Martin to explore the many corners of Ireland, and the high places around Europe. He’s hiked and climbed in various countries between the Polish Tatra to the Moroccan Atlas mountains, but has spent most of his time tromping over the hills of Ireland and the UK. Martin finds the great beauty and challenge of the mountain landscape to be inspiring. This has led Martin, the Painter, to be inspired in another way, which is to try and capture the beauty and atmosphere of the mountains in paint. Just as the climber must rely solely on his own skill to achieve his goal, Martin finds a similar challenge in painting. With only your paints and brushes, one is relying on ones own skill to create an image. Each stroke of the brush brings the painter nearer to his goal, just as each move of the climber takes him closer to completing the route.

Martin works in Oil, Acrylic and other media, including the natural material of Irish turf. Originally from Dublin, Martin now is based in the wilds of Mayo, while his paintings are inspired by all the mountain areas that he has been to. Martin has been painting full time since 2015 and exhibits his original work throughout all of Ireland. Like the mountains, Martin feels there is still so much more to discover in Art, and the journey is always just beginning.




Billy took up photography in 2012 after reading a book on the subject and has developed his skill further over the years often while out hiking on the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, a combination that has worked really well together.
Billy’s approach to photography is all about waiting for the right moment, the right light and trying to pick out a unique view that has not been photographed before. It often means an early start so as to capture the best conditions and also working a camera with frozen fingers but the end results can really be worth the effort when everything goes to plan.

Billy tells us that it’s rare that he doesn’t come away with something from the Reeks as it’s always different each and every time you go for a climb up there. On the odd occasion that he doesn’t get anything at least he’s got in a good workout!
Billy tries to capture the scene as he sees it unfolding in front of him. Some of the scenes that he encounters may only last a few minutes and then they are gone forever.
Billy recently came 3rd in his category while participating in a worldwide photography competition where more than 25,500 photographers entered and he came away with a shiny brand new DSLR camera as a result!


Richard Creagh is a mountain enthusiast and part-time photographer from Cork, now living in West Kerry. Interested in both photography and the outdoors since childhood he has pursued both to the point of making life decisions around them – hence the move from suburban Cork to the side of a hill on the Dingle Peninsula, and the security of a ‘normal’ job to seasonal work that allows more free time to get outside. A hillwalking hobby taken up in college soon led to an introduction to rock climbing, and over the past ten years Richard has followed this interest to various mountainous parts of the globe – Wales and Scotland, Italy and Spain, the French Alps, Canada and the Himalaya. And always with a camera in tow.


Despite a longing to see bigger mountains in distant places Richard feels most interested in the mountains of Ireland. While foreign travel allows relatively brief glimpses of incredible areas it’s the landscapes close to home that mean the most. Through the extra time that can be given to understanding them and the greater sense of belonging that’s intrinsic to native places Richard hopes to get to know the hills of home better and better.

Though not a full-time photographer Richard has published images in print (British Wildlife, Irish Mountain Log, Climb), held exhibitions and gallery space and co-wrote a photo-heavy guidebook to the west of Ireland published in 2016. He sells prints of his work, occasionally runs photography workshops and has more book plans for the future.