Details of the exciting speaker programme for the 2019 Killarney Mountain Festival have now been announced and Climbing, Mountaineering, Polar travel, Kayaking, Discovery, Endurance & Exploration all feature in a wide and varied schedule that brings together some of the most renowned names in climbing & outdoor adventure. The exciting and inspirational line-up brings to Killarney a host of the worlds most accomplished and inspirational speakers and will be guaranteed to excite and enthral with their epic tales of wild adventures and crazy travels .

Killarney Mountain Festival prides itself on bringing you the highest-calibre of truly inspirational speakers who have motivated themselves and others to achieve great things, against all odds, in the harshest of conditions. Our exciting programme of guest speakers includes climbers, explorers, athletes and adventurers who will captivate and have you hanging on the edge of your seat with their crazy stories of overcoming adversity and immense physical and mental challenges .

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.


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