Speaking at The Killarney Mountain Festival


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At the Killarney Mountain Festival, we want to get everyone involved. Therefore, we have created Basecamp. Located in the New Street Car Park, behind the Killarney Plaza Hotel, this is the social hub of the festival, buzzing with events all weekend, where speakers, audiences and everyday adventurers can get together, share stories and recount adventures, show a short film, play a few tunes, create an event……

This is a great opportunity to inspire us with your adventures/talents, whether it be running, hiking, cycling, climbing, rowing, yoga, meditation or any other great escapade you wish to share with us. All speakers excerpts should be no longer than 30 minutes. Please specify which day over the weekend you would like to speak.

Thank you for your interest in sharing stories at The Killarney Mountain Festival Please return this form to info@killarneymountainfestival.com