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Time: Sunday 4pm Venue: Killarney Plaza Hotel 

In this illustrated talk Jasper will be encouraging people to adventure slowly. Do less and take more time; meet more people; be distracted by wildlife, bars, music and history. He’ll be pushing the advantages of slow adventuring: Cheaper, less gear, more fun, more experiences and better stories. And he’ll be arguing that setting off on a local, random adventure – however short or unplanned – tomorrow or next week is often better than a dream trip for five years’ time.

Jasper started ‘slow adventuring’ as a teenager living in West Cork going on to mountain bike the length of Macgillcuddy’s Reeks before there were proper ‘mountain’ bikes and completing a triathlon length of Ireland before ‘endurance’ racing was a thing. Since then he has  travelled for long periods around the world on foot, by bicycle (usually second-hand from a local market), kayaks, skis and horses.

Some jaunts have been for fun; roller-skating the Netherlands from south to north, canoeing the 2,500 kms of the Danube from source to sea in East Bloc days and cycling across the Sahara, (and back). More focused journeys have been to study traditional horse skills whether on cattle drives in the Australian outback, horse round ups in Argentina and Chile, or on long rides through Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Morocco, Spain and guiding a coast to coast ride across South America. He spent a year living and travelling with a Berber nomadic clan and their camels and sheep in North Africa.

In the past years Jasper has been setting himself more ‘local’ and even slower challenges, whether sea-kayaking the thousand miles around Ireland’s coast (he wrote a book; Paddle) or winter walking the 800 kms from Munich to Paris, sleeping rough for a month. Currently he is writing a book – Water Ways – about a year and a thousand miles of slow walking, cycling and paddling along canals and towpaths.


From Bandon, County Cork, Jasper is a writer, photographer, broadcaster and public speaker. He has extensively researched and written about traditional horse cultures around the globe, about remote rural peoples, nomadism and transhumance, and about slow adventures on foot and horse, by bicycle and kayak, and using skis, inline skates and dog sleds. His hugely successful and inspirational book – Paddle; A long way around Ireland was published in 2011 tells his amazing but simply told tale of his adventures kayaking solo around the full coast, about meeting people in coastal villages, playing music, natural history, mythology and whatever odd memorable or odd moments he came across on the way. To counterbalance the big seas and dramas he speaks with great and humour.

He has been travelled by horse across Morocco, up and down South America, Australia, Iran and in tens of other countries, on skis, walking, cycling (across the Sahara, across West Africa, around Iceland and across India on many various trips, long kayak trips (the length of the Danube river in Iron Curtain days) ever since he was a teenager. He uses his many experiences to encourage to find adventures wherever they are. He is a great advocate of just getting out and doing and making up trips as one goes along; and has used second-hand bicycles bought in Cuba and West Africa to travel long distances and used cheap kayaks, folding kayaks and frankly unsuitable canoes to paddle long distances.