BBC Natural History Producer / Director |

Planet Earth – ‘Mountains’ The Making

Time: Saturday 4pm  Venue:  Basecamp


Join BBC Natural History Producer / Director Justin Anderson for an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ of the ‘MOUNTAINS’ episode of David Attenborough’s BAFTA award winning Planet Earth II series.

4 years in the making with 25 expedition shoots to the world’s greatest mountain ranges, Justin has plenty of stories to share; from how you track a snow leopard in Ladakh, to revealing the secret life of pole dancing grizzly bears in the Canadian Rockies.

Producer / Director Justin Anderson has 18 years of factual documentary experience and has made programmes for the BBC and the Discovery channel. He was a sequence director and Assistant producer on the Emmy Award winning Planet Earth series where he achieved notoriety for spending 2 months working in a huge pile of bat guano!

He was lucky enough to present an acclaimed radio documentary for BBC Radio 4, where he tracked arctic wolves across the frozen wastes of Canada. His work has led him on many varied adventures, from 10 days underground in Lechuguilla cave, to camping on a Nunatuk in an Arctic ice field. As Producer / Director for Mountains on Planet Earth 2 he has traveled from Ladakh and Everest in the Himalaya, to the remote mountains of Peru. He has directed stories as diverse as the first ‘snow leopard love story’ to ‘pole dancing bears’ and ‘extreme sports speed riders’ in the Alps.

In the UK, his Planet Earth II MOUNTAINS Episode achieved the highest viewer ratings for a factual programme in the last 15 years. It rated the highest audience appreciation score for any television programme aired in 2016.

Justin is passionate about making quality documentaries, using the latest camera technology to achieve the best storytelling. He is a lover of conservation in films and is soon to be published as a children’s author for renowned children’s publisher, Walker Books.