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Time: Sunday 1pm  Venue: Basecamp


An Epic Dog Sledding trip across Greenland, one of very few attempts and the race against “The Perfect Storm”. Mike O’Shea joined a team on a rarely attempted trip to cross one of the largest Ice-Caps in the World and his epic story outlines the dynamics of working with a dog team, the need for thorough preparation and an undetermined grit & resolve when Mother Earth has different plans than yours!

Over the years Mikes adventures and expeditions have taken him all around the world, be it climbing, trekking, skiing or paragliding! An Internationally regarded Adventurer in his own right, Mike O Shea is experienced at climbing all over the World along with Paragliding & Paramotoring nationally and Internationally. Mike has recently successfully completed crossings of the Southern Ice Cap on Kilimanjaro, North Patagonian Icecap and also walked the complete length of frozen Lake Baikal, the worlds largest lake.

Mikes work as a heights and rescue consultant has seen him work on a wide and varied selection of projects around the world from RedBull Crashed Ice and RedBull Cliff diving, to international movies including Star Wars VII.
His charity work has included the building of a Home Of Hope with the Chernobyl Children’s Project, an orphanage in Africa, a school in Nepal, and supplying hundreds of families with fuel-efficient stoves in Nepal. This is alongside his work with a wide variety of Irish charities.