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Time: Saturday 1pm  Venue: St. Mary’s, Church of the Sloes

Time: Sunday 2pm  Venue: Basecamp


Traditional Irish Musician and Historian – Thomas O’Sullivan takes you on a fascinating virtual journey exploring

legends, stories and mythologies of na Cruacha Dubha, the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. Siúlóid na nDán is divided into seven segments which will include photographs, video clips, stories of the people, the history and the legends, poetry, interview clips and music and will fascinate and enthrall you with its ancient and rich cultural fabric.

Siúlóid na n-Dán … Walking with the Legends

It all begins 300 million years ago when the Reeks were molded via the Armorican Folds of the Devonian Period, forming the spine of Iveragh. The Ice Age dawned with the approaching Templenoe Ice Cap from the south, five miles thick, sculpting the Black and Brida Valleys, the Gap of Dunloe and left in its wake, the Gearha Morraine … gifting us with a pristine landscape with its attendant features of coom, pocket, arête and pater-noster lakes. The boglands and woods were inhabited by the first tribes … Pre-Celtic Picts, Goidels, bringing with them the ogham script … the first utterances of the Tuatha tribe, the Toicaci, etched on stone, leaving a legacy of gallán, fort and lios. The Eogánacht Loch Léin brought O’Donoghue, O’Sullivan Mór, and Mac Carthy Mór with their clan system … within the medieval Barony of Dunkerron … and as they say … the rest is history

When the Aboriginal peoples of Australia journeyed through their tribal lands … through hostile territories and over vast distances they accessed their age-old song tradition called the ‘Songlines’ …Altjerinja. They were composed after years of observation by the tribal elders … and were learned off by heart to guide them on their journeyings and outlining the pitfalls and difficulties.

Siúlóid na n-Dán … Na Cruacha Dubha of the Magillicuddy Reeks can be viewed as a Songline … a compendium of the lore and legends, the songs, poems and the music, sketches, film and photographs that inhabit these mountains… a cultural fabric of this iconic part of Kerry. The Irish song tradition comprised of descriptions of the landscape … the glories of mountain, river, lakes, valleys, glens and Siúlóid na n-Dán is an extension of this concept of a very special place … ‘a sense of place’ … in this case from Kate Kearney’s to Glencar which is the traditional route of the Reeks traverse.

Siúlóid na n-Dán … Seven Parts

  1. Strickeen Mountain

Gap of Dunloe and Glaciation/Kate Kearneys/Louis Anthony Photos/Old Turf Path and Story of the Bog & Poem/Williams of John’s Mill /Dunloe Legends and Stories/Loich … Donoghue Brothers/Céim Story/Loch Léin Stories

                     Photos/Video/Kate Kearney Song/

  1. Cruach Mór

Cnoc Bracha /Black Valley and Stories of the Valley and People /Interview Clips/ Tommy’s Grotto on Cruach Mór /Gaddagh and Brandán Legend of the Laune/Sliabh Mis, Goddess and Cú Roi Mac Dáire Big houses of Beaufort

  1. Comeenapeiste

Loch Comeenapeist and St Patrick and the Serpent Legend /Big Gun/Maolan Buí/ Droch Fhoula and the Dracula Connection

Last Skytrain … Plane Crash 1943 & Memorabilia & New Song

Munro Peaks of the Reeks 

  1. Carrantuohill

Isaac Weld Carrantuohill Account 1812 Devils Ladder and the Legends of the Hags/ Pooka Song … Seóthín/ O’Súilleabhain Crón Irish Poets/ Brother O’Sheas Gully and Story/ Music of the Reeks Peaks … Mazurkas

  1. Beenkeragh

Ho Ro Harra Barra Chant with Bodhran / Lore of the Goats of the Reeks/Writers Inspiration of the Hags Glen … O’Donoghue & Rowling

Skelligs Lists from Black Valley

  1. Screg Mór

Screg Beag/ Gobnait and the Biddys/Tom’s Grotto Ballyledder Cooleanaig Trades Poem/Bata Draoin Local Song/Seamus O’Dúill Writer/Story of Churchtown Church/ Sean Flib Courtroom Story/John Foley’s 70 Year Daily Diary 

  1. Glencar

Mining in Glencar/ Brida Valley Lough Acouse