Killarney and its surrounds possess some of the very finest wild mountain landscapes and spectacular scenery in Ireland. Marvelous peaks, wild and remote mountain valleys, high lonely coums and wondrous tranquil lakes. The entire area is steeped in fascinating human and geological history as well as having a wide and varied wildlife. The Wander Wild Festival is a fantastic opportunity to just get away for a few days, sample this awe-inspiring area and enjoy this spectacle of outdoor related festival events.


An integral part of the weekend long celebration is our ‘BASECAMP VILLAGE’. This will act as the central social hub of the festival and host venue for many of the featured activities including FREE talks & lectures, FREE workshops & displays, food, refreshments & beverages, exhibits & demos and much much more. Daily pop up events at Basecamp, check out our event blackboards throughout the weekend.

Basecamp Village, located inside the festival marquee, erected in a large designated area at the back of the Killarney Plaza Hotel, it will be ‘the’ place to hang out. It will be furnished & crafted out of reclaimed wood and dressed with Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags, cool Mountain images signifying our ‘village’ as the social hub of the Festival.

Many of the top outdoor brands will be joining us to offer creative insights and demonstrations of their latest gear. The ‘Mountain hut’ bar will be open all day and all night, so Festival-goers can browse, chill, relax and enjoy a beer or coffee (or even two) and the Basecamp Stage will host a FREE programme of music, speakers, and displays.

Pop-up venues throughout the town over the weekend of the festival.  Follow the prayer flags and see what awaits you inside!  Various bars, venues, hotels & restaurants will be hosting pop up events throughout the weekend.  Keep an eye on our social media posts and our blackboards at Basecamp Village for the latest pop up event ..

Café du Parc - Killarney Plaza Hotel

Killarney Plaza Hotel will host our ticketed speaker events and is only a 2 minute walk from the festival Basecamp. It will also host our Free “BRIT ROCK” Film screening on the evening of Friday the 8th as well as many other fantastic exhibits, screenings, talks and pop up events over the course of the festival weekend.

Café du Parc at the Killarney Plaza Hotel is the ideal place to watch the world pass by, bringing an exciting new concept in cafe & bar culture to Killarney. Serving healthy and hearty food from 8am – 5pm daily and delicious cocktails every night.  Café du Parc also boasts an exciting brunch experience each Sunday from 10am – 3pm at the heart of Killarney. Café du Parc DJs hit the decks with funk, soul, hip-hop and disco beats every Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday.

Killarney House & Gardens & Crean Tent

Killarney House and Gardens is a treasure of the Killarney National Park and is located right on the doorstep of Killarney town centre. Throughout the weekend of the Killarney Mountain Festival, Killarney House will offer FREE film events, as well as guided tours of the house.  Killarney House is both a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the busy town, together with a hive of goings on, inspiration and adventure.

Killarney House is an ideal starting point for a journey exploring the wonders of Killarney National Park.

The ‘Golden Gates’ that stand guard at the main entrance form a portal to the wonders of the National Park and its backdrop of spectacular rugged mountains stretching beyond. As you pass through these gates, the sounds of the town fade away and the magic of the Park begins to wash over you with each step you take.

The relevant obscurity that befell the house and gardens was hard to comprehend given its proximity to Killarney town. Following the completion of extensive and commendable restoration and reconstruction work in 2016, the house and gardens have now been beautifully restored to their rightful place as the gateway to Killarney National Park. The fantastic Exhibition centre is a form of orientation for visitors within the house and park. It seeks to educate and encourage exploration and participation creating a link between the tangible and intangible heritage of the Park. The exhibition includes over 300 pieces of graphic artwork, 16 pieces of audio visual content which includes films and interactives and interviews with park staff. There are 450 images and photos which will fascinate, inform and enthral.

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St. Mary’s, Church of the Sloes, Killarney

This wonderful town centre church is famous for its wonderful acoustic and will play host to some of the festivals programme of exhibitions, film screenings, narrated photographic displays and exciting and inspiring guest speakers.

There is evidence as far back as the 1200s of a Church here. The name of the Town itself – Killarney (in Irish: Cill Airne) meaning “Church of the Sloes”. The Irish word for wood (coill) could easily have been adopted in an altered form to describe the wooden huts the early hermits would have built for themselves. Thus, the word “cill” becomes associated with a spiritual place of prayer: ie a church. This suggests that there was an ancient church built in this area and the presence of the Blackthorn tree was significant to the local’s and their pre-Christian religion. Blackthorns sometimes grow near wells; and there is a Holy Well just across the road from this Church. This current church was built in 1870; on the site of previous churches. It was adorned by the Herberts of Muckross House and houses a fabulous pipe-organ and has a renowned acoustic. It is decorated in a most attractive and unusual stenciled design and has sacred texts written in the high arches.

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